The Essential Companion to learning what to eat on a ketogenic diet.

Set Yourself Up for Success

You can know endless facts about macros and the benefits of a ketogenic way of eating but if you can’t consistently implement what you know you will fail.

This 7-week online course we will teach you how to implement a ketogenic way of eating in a way that is easeful and pleasurable so you can maintain the benefits for life.

You’ll learn to un-brainwash yourself from the programming that makes permanent weight loss impossible and transform perfectionism, sabotage, emotional eating, and failure cycles to find your way of making keto work long term for your unique body and lifestyle.

Whether you’re a keto newbie or a seasoned expert who knows what to do but can’t get yourself to do it, Finding Your Flow with Keto will save you time and energy by giving you the inner tools you need to be successful now.

How to Make Change that Lasts

There are 7 keys to transforming your inner experience for a pleasurable, sustainable keto journey. In Finding Your Flow with Keto you will learn:

  1. How to know if keto is the optimal way of eating for your unique body

  2.  The biggest keto blindspot that makes weight loss impossible 

  3.  How to make a keto way of eating easeful and sustainable for life

  4.  The truth about willpower, weight loss, and wise, embodied eating

  5.  How to deal with detours and setbacks on your keto journey

  6. The role of support, habits, accountability, and planning to your success

  7.  How to start strong, stay true, and finish fulfilled with a keto way of eating

Below My Goal Weight

“I used to feel frantic and hopeless around food and my health. Thanks to this course I now eat to nourish my body rather than fill unmet needs in my heart. I’ve lost and maintain 55-pounds off my 5’1” frame which is amazing and below my goal!” – Robin

More than weight loss.

"Learning to eat for weight loss and maintenance is about more than finding foods that cause the number on the scale to drop. You can lose weight and still not feel well physically or emotionally.

Informed by her great depth of expertise in the biological, commercial, psychological and spiritual aspects of nutrition, Rebecca helped me to understand the complexity and nuance of deprivation and the array of sensations and feelings that all get called hunger. Now I can recognize how food affects me and what I actually want and need.

This has led to a weight loss of 50-pounds and continuing, but more importantly it has led to trusting myself with food choices and taking care of my body."

– Barbara, Los Angeles, California

A caring journey.

Working with Dr. Ocean has been a loving, gentle, and caring experience that has guided me from forcing my way through different eating regimes, to a gentle, curious process of finding out what foods and eating structures do and do not work for me.  During my work with Dr. Ocean I have lost 60 pounds. 

In addition to helping me find my way of eating, the more important aspect of the work has been to forge a stronger bond to myself and knowing what my mind, body and spirit need at a given time, and how to support those needs.  My work with Dr. Ocean has been a loving and caring journey to better health on all levels.

—Deborah, North Carolina

This works.

"Most of my adult life, I have sought out therapists, good and knowledgeable people, who patched me up on a weekly basis and sent me back to my world of daily anxiety, self-defeating behaviors and strained relationships. Nothing truly changed for me until I started working with Rebecca. Her insight and loving presence have been transformative. She truly wants what is best for me.

My life is calmer and more joyful, and my relationships are more open, honest, and nurturing.

I have changed radically, but not through self-rejection. I’ve had teachers who tell me self-love is the key, but they didn’t succeed in leading me to self-love and the self-care actions that come from it.

What Rebecca does works!”

– Amber, Long Beach, California

Tired of hearing how to make changes with food from people who've been skinny their whole lives?

Meet Dr Rebecca Ocean

After weighing over 300 pounds – twice - 25 years ago, Dr. Rebecca Ocean lost the weight for good. It required a radically different approach. No more punishment or deprivation. Her search for enlivening, permanent weight loss led to doctoral research on the subject and to her discovery that long term success in any area requires a foundation of compassion, awareness, and alignment with true inner guidance. 

Rebecca is the founder/CEO of O C E A N Embodiment, Inc. and the creator of a dozen conscious embodiment programs including Taking Your True Shape®, Inner Foundations for Healing, and Finding Your Flow with Keto. For over 30 years she’s been teaching people how to find permanent peace, value, love, and freedom after struggling with long-standing daily challenges including eating, relating, and creating. She has seen first-hand the power and beauty people bring to the world when their energy is freed from habitual struggles and self misconceptions.

Rebecca works with people around the world from her home in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona which she shares with her rescue American Dingo, Buddy.

7 Steps to Finding Your Flow


Module 1 - Introduction

  • What is a Keto Flow
  • How Do You Find It
  • Why I’m the Best Person to Teach You


Module 2 - Is Keto Right for You?

  • Dispelling the 5 Myths
  • What’s Really True for You
  • There Is a Process and This Is It


Module 3 - Shining Light on the Big Blindspots 

  • Food & Physical Blindspots
  • Mental, Emotional & Social Blindsots
  • Deeper Blindspots


Module 4 - Keto Ease & Sustainability

  • The Joke about D-word (Discipline)
  • Positivity without Superficiality
  • Small Changes, Huge Rewards


Module 5 - True Will & Wisdom with Keto

  • How to Be One of the Less Than 1%
  • Will, Wisdom & Flow


Module 6 - Obstacles Are Natural & Workable

  • Detours Don’t Have to Be Disasters 
  • #1 Embodied Wisdom Building Practice
  • How Challenges Strengthen Your Flow


Module 7 - Putting It All Together

  • New Support, True Support
  • 3 Levels of Alignment Accountability
  • Honing Happy Habits