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What’s for Dinner?

Delicious, nutritious peace of mind.
(No, really.)


I'm Rebecca.

Twenty years ago I successfully made the permanent weight loss journey myself by losing over 150-pounds for the last time. And I can assure you, peace of mind for dinner is just the beginning.

Sweet heart, you can eat like a queen, feel radiant in your favorite clothes, and celebrate the body shape that makes you feel light, strong, and free.

Let’s reconnect what you put on your plate...with your beautiful heart — book a free session with me.

We’ll hop on Zoom (video chat) for a 25-minute virtual campfire chat. No shame, no pain. I’ll gather some information from you ahead of time, so we can immediately dive into real, deep work together. You’ll walk away with at least one simple, powerful next step on your unique path of transformation. (That’s right: it’s not just another sales pitch.)

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Refuse to sell your soul to get thin?
I got you.

If you're where I was, you’ve already done a ton of inner, emotional, and spiritual work, and you probably cringe at the thought of weighing your food or depriving yourself — because you know it feels like punishment.

But you also know...this just isn’t working. And what if part of your soul’s journey is actually learning to lovingly nourish your body with precision and pleasure?

If nourishing your body feels like punishment, you’re doing it wrong.

Most diet and weight loss strategies fall into one of two camps. Either it’s all about counting calories – "eat less, move more"…or it’s all about intuitive eating, chanting affirmations, and loving yourself thin.

Both of these approaches have part of the truth – but ultimately fail because they’re missing half the pie. You need the whole pie to be whole!

Losing weight for good means bridging science AND soul.


Are you wondering...?

‘Can I really bring in structure and healthy eating without feeling like I’m depriving myself or psycho-spiritually regressing?’

‘Or should I listen to those diet gurus who have no clue (let alone reverence) for how deep and spiritual I am?’

‘It took me years to (almost) accept this body size, is this going to make me hate myself again?’

Here’s the truth. You know you can’t hate yourself skinny but those affirmations just aren’t taking the pounds off.

Beautiful, enlightened humans come in all shapes and sizes. If you feel at peace with food and healthy and radiant in your skin today — that’s wonderful!

But if you have the nagging feeling that your true shape is hidden under ahem more than a little extra junk in your trunk…or that you might feel better hiking your favorite trail fueled by something other than a Snickers bar…let me reassure you.

Releasing excess weight can be an act of love and wisdom.

This is what I had to learn. And this is what I’m so grateful to share with you.

Over the last 20 years I've helped hundreds of people through my online courses, private sessions, and mini-retreats. It'd be an honor to help you too.

This can be a Heroine’s Journey. Let’s take the next step, together — book a free session with me.

Rebecca’s Calendar

How to Book Your Session

  1. Choose your time zone and press the pink “Set Time Zone” button
  2. Click on a bolded date (grey-out dates are full)
  3. Select a time from the available options and click “continue”
  4. Enter your information and answer the “Let’s Make This Powerful” pre-session questions, then click the pink “Complete Appointment” button
  5. Be sure to add your appointment to your calendar and set a reminder.
  6. You’ll also receive email reminders before your session.
  7. IMPORTANT: Even though there is no charge to you, as you’ll see, this is a real working Laser Session that normally costs $100. Once you schedule your appointment I block out this time especially for you and I to work together!

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session please do so at least 24 hours in advance so someone else may use this session time (spaces are limited). If you do not show up to our meeting together and do not reschedule/cancel at least 24 hours in advance, I will be bummed and you will be billed for the session. NOBODY wants this to happen.

So please be sure to attend your free Laser Session or reschedule/cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment time.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you begin your last weight loss journey!




In case you’re wondering, I truly love offering these free sessions. It’s simply my way of passing on the blessings of what I’ve been given on my journey.

So while I don’t need anything in return, if you are one of those who feels like you’d like to give something in return here are some simple ways to pass it on. Tell a friend or two or a whole community about what supported you or write a testimonial for our website or a Yelp/Google review. Or send out love during your meditation to someone who is struggling even more than you are in this moment.


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