Welcome to your last weight loss program.

You’ve done a chakra-load of inner work.

But somehow, it’s just not finding its way to your eating (and that number on the scale).

Twenty years ago,
I lost over 150 pounds for the last time
after weighing 300 pounds – twice.

It required a radically different approach.
No more punishment or deprivation.
Soul.  Science.  Sweetness.

I can’t wait to show you this new shore…
Where you finally embody your truest self:
the peaceful, joyful, radiant YOU
you've been waiting (weight-ing) for.

You’re already beautiful.
Take the next step toward feeling it (inside and out)!

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Fastest Way to Lose Weight (for Good)

Is a Paradox of Possibilities

Have you ever wanted to lose 30 pounds in 30 days? I, and most of my clients certainly have at some point in our lives.

The desire for rapid weight loss is most likely to arise when you feel some kind of desperation. It could be from:

   •  fear of judgment or embarrassment....read more

Transform Self Sabotage

Embody Your Feminine Superpowers

Despite what you may have been told, there are always good reasons for seemingly rebellious behavior.

But rather than understand the good reasons behind common and normal human experiences on the weight loss path such as self-sabotage, resistance, noncompliance, denial, avoidance, and rebellion most people try to harness all their willpower and "just do it."...read more

Weight Loss Motivation

The Heart of the Matter Matters

It makes sense that people want to lose weight fast when you consider the difficulty most people have with motivation. Their logic is something like, “I don’t have the willpower to stick with a depriving diet for very long but I could get myself to do it for 30 days if I saw big results quickly.” Clients have told me when they attempt change from this kind of logic they aren’t even thinking about maintenance; they just want to lose weight now.

I’ve been there and understand. However...read more

Beauti-Fuel Recipes

Beauti-fuel = food that's pleasurable on all levels

There’s no such thing as good food or bad food, though some foods are more or less optimizing for your unique body. For each person’s physiology, some foods lead to greater balance (mood, blood sugar, immune system), aliveness, and optimal body size. And other foods generate imbalance, lethargy, and weight gain or inability to maintain weight. The former we call beauti-fuel and the latter we call cruel-fuel. Our purpose is to help you discover your unique way of eating filled...read more

Weight Loss Before & After

The Truth about Getting "There"

Weight loss before and after photos are inspiring – especially if you feel hopeless and skeptical that you can lose weight for good. However, what’s missing and misleading about the way most weight loss stories are told is that they focus on “the What” – what they weighed then/now and what they ate.

That’s interesting and useful information but it doesn’t address "the How" of getting through the depth of difficulty most people face on the hero/heroine’s weight loss journey...read more

Easy Embodied Eating

Peaceful, Pleasurable Eating in the Flow

After years of frustration and pain trying to lose weight only to gain more back, most of those who begin Taking Their True Shape® want peace with food and their body more than anything else. Many good things begin from that hard-won place because it’s the doorway to freedom with food, enjoying your body, and a whole new life.

If you too have arrived at wanting peace with food, congratulations! Now it’s time to learn...read more

Chocolate Is NOT the Enemy

Jan's Henrikson's 2007 story (& 2017 update) about Dr. Ocean's class, from Chicken Soup for the Dieter’s Soul.

It wasn’t yet 7:00 in the morning and already I was chain-eating lime chili tortilla chips. I stood at the kitchen counter, emotionally hung-over from yet another fight with my boyfriend. I was crunching the anger, salting the wounds. Crunching and salting with bites of chocolate for good measure. I couldn't stop. Even the tortilla chip bag had a wickedly furious crinkle. I couldn’t eat fast enough to...read more

Speedy, Savory Salmon Salad Recipe

This is one of my go-to meals because it's so quick and pleasurable. It rarely takes me more than 10 minutes to make, but allow 15 if you're not a whirlwind – throw it together, clean later – cook like me. (Ridiculous cooking demonstration videos coming soon.) I often substitute jumbo shrimp or roasted chicken for the protein. All are equally yum!...read more

From Stuck to Super-Powered Video Presentation

How to Transform Resistance for Greater Freedom

New research in the fields of neuroscience, attachment, motivation, and addiction is adding specific understanding to what Abraham Maslow posited as good reasons for seemingly rebellious behavior. Chronic health symptoms and frustrating patterns contain hidden messages that lead to the buried nature of your true self when you learn how to recognize them....watch now

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