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Beauti-Fuel Recipes

recipes Dec 13, 2017

Beauti-fuel = food that's pleasurable on all levels

There’s no such thing as good food or bad food, though some foods are more or less optimizing for your unique body. For each person’s physiology, some foods lead to greater balance (mood, blood sugar, immune system), aliveness, and optimal body size. And other foods generate imbalance, lethargy, and weight gain or inability to maintain weight. The former we call beauti-fuel and the latter we call cruel-fuel. Our purpose is to help you discover your unique way of eating filled with exquisitely delicious beauti-fuel.

The first step is discovering what kinds of foods are beauti-fuel for your unique body through our practice of Compassionate Experimentation. The second step is to collect your Taking Your True Shape® Top Ten breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks so you have an abundance of yummy food choices that lead to your most vibrant experience.

You won’t find diet dogma here but you will find recipes made from wholesome ingredients with adaptations for what your unique body likes best. Whether your body has food sensitivities, needs a healing diet for a period of time, or thrives following a ketogenic, low-carb, vegan, or low-sugar way of eating, you’ll find all kinds of tasty and transforming recipes here.

You can use the recipes here for both your Compassionate Experimentation process and collecting your True Shape Top Tens. Enjoy!


“I never knew I could experience a way of eating that is relaxed, pleasurable, and healing without feeling deprived, trapped, and like just giving up. Now I eat foods I love that my body loves too. There was definitely a learning curve because this is a totally different approach from dieting, but the freedom I have to enjoy food and a healthy body is so worth it.”  —Suzanne S., Los Angeles CA


Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash


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