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Rebecca’s Research – Women, Weight & Embodiment

rebecca's research Feb 03, 2022

While my perspective and understanding of weight loss and psycho-spiritual transformation has matured and deepened dramatically in the 20+ years since I conducted this research, several readers suggested I make it available on my website. They appreciated reading an interpretation of women’s experiences with weight through a lens of compassion and wisdom. I hope you enjoy this unusual take on weight loss expertise – understanding the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and creative challenges and opportunities from the women participants themselves.

I was extremely fortunate to have my dream team of research committee members including Rosemarie Anderson (originator of the Intuitive Inquiry research methodology I used), Jill Mellick, Dorothy Ettling, and Marion Woodman (who generously served as my expert outside reader).

In the coming months, I’ll be reaching out to the wonderful original participants (sadly, one has passed) for an update on their experiences since the two decades since we met in that sweet little cabin on the water in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

The methodology and appendices of the original 400+ page dissertation have been omitted. Here are the sections our readers found most compelling and insightful.


 Chapter 1: Introduction

 Chapter 2: Literature Review

 Chapter 4: Results and Discussion

 Chapter 5: Summary and Conclusion



The dissertation in it’s entirety can be found here.


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