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Beauti-Fuel Recipes

recipes Dec 13, 2017

Beauti-fuel = food that's pleasurable on all levels

There’s no such thing as good food or bad food, though some foods are more or less optimizing for your unique body. For each person’s physiology, some foods lead to greater balance (mood, blood sugar, immune system), aliveness, and optimal body size. And other foods generate imbalance, lethargy, and weight gain or inability to maintain weight. The former we call beauti-fuel and the latter we call cruel-fuel. Our purpose is to help you discover your unique way of eating filled with exquisitely delicious beauti-fuel.

The first...

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Speedy, Savory, Salmon Salad

recipes Aug 06, 2017

This is one of my go-to meals because it's so quick and pleasurable. It rarely takes me more than 10 minutes to make, but allow 15 if you're not a whirlwind – throw it together, clean later – cook like me. (Ridiculous cooking demonstration videos coming soon.) I often substitute jumbo shrimp or roasted chicken for the protein. All are equally yum!

Makes 2 servings

Prep Time: 5-10 minutes
Cook Time: 4-6 minutes
Total Time: 9-16 minutes


2 skinless (4 oz) fillets of wild salmon (TJ’s frozen wild coho)
2 T + ¼ tsp organic extra virgin olive oil (1/4 tsp...

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