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Easy Embodied Eating

easy eating Dec 13, 2017

Peaceful, Pleasurable Eating in the Flow

After years of frustration and pain trying to lose weight only to gain more back, most of those who begin Taking Their True Shape® want peace with food and their body more than anything else. Many good things begin from that hard-won place because it’s the doorway to freedom with food, enjoying your body, and a whole new life.

If you too have arrived at wanting peace with food, congratulations! Now it’s time to learn a new way of relating to yourself, your body, your hungers, and food.

If you’re not quite there, no problem. As long as you’re open to a new possibility for a more fulfilling and healing relationship with eating, read on.

Here you will learn how you’ve been programmed by the diet culture to stay stuck and suffering in your relationship with your body and food and how to deprogram yourself to find your natural, connected, and enlivening way of eating for optimal health and weight. Free and easy, embodied eating that also brings greater balance to your mind, heart, and body is not only possible but inevitable when you discover what truly works for you.


“There has been a noticeable shift in my body, my personal life, my home, my energy that I can only attribute to my work with Rebecca. My husband noticed something tangible in the way that we are with each other, or more specifically, the way I am with him – present. I am much more present with my life, specifically with my food intake and listening to my body.

My body has chosen to get rid of what it doesn’t need anymore and it is truly freeing. I now enjoy each bite of a meal immensely. It is surprising how little food I need to feel satisfied now that I am not stuffing my emotions.

This work is opening me up in ways that I have been very afraid of.  Bolting is my favorite past time – into anything but that space inside myself. I have allowed myself to explore that space in the safe environment that Dr. Ocean provides. It has not been as scary as I was convinced it would be.

Each day I am able to distinguish whether my hunger is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual and feed THAT hunger with what it needs which most of the time is not food — and it actually feels good!” —Karen C., Los Angeles, CA




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