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The Fastest Way to Lose Weight (for Good)

weight loss Dec 13, 2017

Is a Paradox of Possibilities

Have you ever wanted to lose 30 pounds in 30 days? I, and most of my clients certainly have at some point in our lives.

The desire for rapid weight loss is most likely to arise when you feel some kind of desperation. It could be from:

  • fear of judgment or embarrassment of how you’ll be perceived at an upcoming event (wedding, trip, reunion, first meeting, etc.),
  • shame or frustration of seeing a larger number on the scale or growing out of all the clothes in your closet,
  • anxiety or confrontation of receiving a food-related diagnosis from your doctor (diabetes, GI issues, autoimmune condition, etc.), or
  • experiencing the deep pain of feeling lonely, unlovable, unworthy, or just bad about yourself.

It’s difficult to be with those feelings so it makes sense that your mind turns toward fixing the problem quickly. However, most people find that their attempts at quick fixes lead to long-term cycles of weight loss and regain and greater emotional pain and frustration.

What promises to be a fast and final solution turns into years – or even a decades–long roller coaster ride in the land of the diet mentality and weight-cycling. The failed attempts erode our self-confidence and self-trust, so we may wisely give up dieting but then feel trapped in a body size that doesn't feel authentic or unable to stop eating in a way we know is causing us suffering.

Is there a way to lose weight without selling your soul?

If so, what is truly the fastest way to lose weight?

In my personal and professional experience, the fastest way to release the burden of excess weight and emotional eating is to stop chasing diets and discover what’s really true, aligned, and enlivening for your unique body, heart, mind, and spirit. Realizing your natural way of eating, moving, relating, and creating – is what we call Taking Your True Shape. 

The process or method of Taking Your True Shape®:

  • is linear and circular, practical and spiritual
  • guides you to embody your uniqueness and oneness, compassion and strength,
  • helps you slow down and stress less so you can find peace and freedom faster

In other words, it's full of possibilities and paradoxes like the nature of the creative force herself.

Discover the power of natural right timing and how to chart your uniquely personal journey to finding your flow with food, embodying your self-determined right body size, and taking your true shape in every area of your life. May I help you get started for free?

“In a very short time, Dr. Ocean has enabled me to finally break through my old, destructive thinking and behavior that trapped me in a never-ending cycle of shame and guilt around my body, food and eating. She is teaching me to re-connect with and listen to my body and appreciate its wisdom with regard to my right size, shape, activities, and nutrition. I cannot express how grateful I am to Rebecca for the new world she has introduced to me.” —J. Harris, Palo Alto, CA


Photo by Jamison McAndie on Unsplash


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