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Weight Loss Motivation

weight loss Dec 13, 2017

The Heart of the Matter Matters

It makes sense that people want to lose 30 pounds in 30 days when you consider the difficulty most people have with motivation. Their logic is something like, “I don’t have the willpower to stick with a depriving diet for very long but I could get myself to do it for 30 days if I saw big results fast.” Clients have told me when they attempt change from this kind of logic they aren’t even thinking about maintenance; they just want to lose weight now.

I’ve been there and understand. However, in addition to the fact that most 30-pounds-in-30-days attempts fail, there’s a bigger and much more painful issue at play – that our usual thinking about weight loss motivation actually ensures failure.

Science is finally proving what those who have been successful (and have helped others achieve success) have known for decades – negative motivation, meaning motivation from fear, shame, guilt, rejection or disgust never works in the long term.

Here you will find out why that’s true and what kind of motivation will get you unstuck and will nourish and sustain you throughout your entire weight loss journey (yes it will take more than 30 days ☺) and beyond.


“While working with Rebecca I discovered that I was co-opting with the media and culture at large about how I should look.

She helped me stop living a divided life! I safely uncovered levels of disappointment, shame, disgust and even hate I felt toward my body. I came to own and honor every aspect of my physical body, thereby finding greater harmony within.

This harmony impacted my whole life! As I loved myself better, I made new choices that led to finally losing the weight for good and eventually, the man of my dreams came into my life. So many other dreams have come true that I need to make a new list of dreams for 2011!”  —Katrina, San Mateo, California


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