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Transform Self Sabotage

transformation Dec 13, 2017

Embody Your Feminine Superpowers

There are always good reasons for seemingly rebellious behavior.

But rather than understand the good reasons behind common and normal human experiences on the weight loss path such as self-sabotage, resistance, noncompliance, denial, avoidance, and rebellion most people try to harness all their willpower and “just do it.”

They try, in vein, to overpower the rebellious part of themselves that doesn’t want to follow food rules, the nurturing part that tries to console them with food during hard days and hard feelings, and the impulsive part that wants the ice cream now, mister, damn the consequences.

Then when they can’t “stick to the program” and achieve long-term weight loss they blame themselves and/or whatever weight loss strategy they tried.

You too may have tried to control your eating to lose weight, but like holding a beach ball underwater, you eventually got tired of all the effort. It can feel like trying to resist some natural force that has more power over your actions than your conscious mind.

That’s because that’s exactly what’s happening. The usual diet prescriptions advocate a mind over matter mentality that makes it impossible for you to find the good reasons under your self-defeating behavior. Those good reasons are like sacred bread crumbs guiding you to the keys that unlock your personal unconscious barriers to weight loss. Your success depends on following them.

All kinds of human experiences, including trauma, can leave imprints in your consciousness that make overeating and resisting weight loss a wise but outdated decision. Here you will learn how to find both the good reasons and the hidden keys to changing your relationship with yourself and food so that all of you is finally moving in the same direction toward your optimal health and wellness.

“Taking Your True Shape® helped me name the inside “crazies,” the separate warring that was going on inside my mind. It helped me leave behind a world that was not working and cross over into a new way of relating to food and myself.” —Jane, San Diego, California


Photo by Maeghan Smulders on Unsplash



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