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weight loss Dec 13, 2017

The Truth about Getting "There"

Weight loss before and after photos are inspiring – especially if you feel hopeless and skeptical that you can lose weight for good. However, what’s missing and misleading about the photos and the way most weight loss stories are told is that they focus on “the What” – what they weighed before, what they ate to lose weight, and what they weigh now.

That’s interesting and useful information but it doesn’t address the depth of difficulty most people face on the hero/heroine’s journey of losing weight for the last time.

To expand upon People magazine’s annual Half Their Size-type stories, where we learn a little bit about the person but mostly about their “diet” and exercise changes, in Taking Your True Shape® we embrace each person as the heroine/hero of her/his journey. Here you'll learn not just the method for charting your own uniquely successful weight loss journey but also how your fellow travelers dealt with and overcame the dragons, lions, tigers, and bears on their way to Taking Their True Shape.

Explore the blog or join us to learn how our heroes and heroines:

• got unstuck.

• found a lasting motivation without fear, shame or disgust

• confronted, nurtured or healed something in their inner life that made their journey more powerful and finally successful

May what you learn inspire your own journey to Taking Your True Shape. We look forward to sharing your story here soon!


Photo by Jackson Hendry on Unsplash


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