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Is that the Sound of a Paradigm Shifting?

transformation Jul 17, 2011

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level
of thinking we were at when we created them.

~ Albert Einstein

The struggle with food and weight is not only a significant source of human suffering; for some it is a matter of life and death. Despite the fact that millions of us have tried for years to fix our problem, we keep finding ourselves stuck in the same places, the same patterns, the same results, and the same thought processes over and over again.

Part of the reason for this is that the Impermanent Approach to Weight Loss ignores the level of thinking we were at when our trouble with food began. We don’t usually discuss our level of thinking, so let’s be clear about what that means. Our level of thinking means our level of perception, awareness, or consciousness.

This leads us to naturally ask, what was the level of thinking or consciousness we were at when the thoughts and patterns of our trouble with weight – our false shape – got locked into place? Even if our weight issues are a more recent challenge in our lives, the beliefs and sense of self that underlie self-defeating patterns have been around since we were children, likely before the age of five. For most of us that was a long, long time ago.

Built into our development as children is a mechanism that makes us perceive our environment, however inadequate or dysfunctional it is, as sufficient, correct, and good and to see ourselves as deficient, wrong or bad. This essential mechanism prevents the fragmentation of our delicate psyche and allows us to mature into the capable adults we are today. However it leaves a remnant in the process – your false self-perception – a distortion of reality about yourself that you believe is true. Without addressing our early level of thinking, we cannot erase the blueprint that keeps our false shape in place.

Like a laser, Taking Your True Shape® works directly and precisely at the root and the source of your difficulties with food and weight. This process can free you from the remnant of the past and the behaviors that have come with it. Without self-judgment or blame, you can stand in a position of power to transform your suffering. It’s like saying to yourself, ‘Something brilliant and loving inside of me created this false self-perception for my survival and now I can discover and express what’s really true, loving, and beautiful about me and my life.’ And since much of your outer reality conforms to match your inner reality, you can reasonably expect that your body, relationships, and being in the world will change to match what’s really true about you and your life.

That’s very different from focusing on just food and exercise (though we’ll be exploring these areas too from a deeper perspective later). Because it’s different than the just-eat- less-exercise-more philosophy you were taught, we need a new philosophy. We need a new paradigm.

Success expert, Dr. Steven Covey says, “If you want to make minor, incremental changes and improvements, work on practices, behavior and attitude. But if you want to make significant, quantum improvement, work on paradigms. The word paradigm…means a perception, assumption, theory, frame of reference or lens through which you view the world.”

To engage true transformation and permanent weight loss, we need to shift from the lens through which you’ve approached losing weight in the past – the Impermanent Approach to Weight Loss – to a new paradigm that aligns your consciousness with the natural, easeful process of Taking Your True Shape®.

The first step in this paradigm shift is to deeply understand the limitations of the paradigm you are currently in. Otherwise you’re like a fish in water. You’re so immersed in the old perspective, it’s so reinforced in the culture, that it feels normal – making it almost impossible to see it for what it is.

The statistics help make the invisible, visible. You’ve likely heard that the modern world, particularly the U.S. is getting heavier. Despite the billions of dollars spent in the diet industry and despite research at our best schools and hospitals, two-thirds of Americans are overweight and hundreds of millions of people worldwide are struggling with obesity.

Ninety-five percent of all dieters will regain their lost weight in one to five years. Of those rare people who manage to lose more than 100 pounds, only one-half of one- percent of them will keep it off beyond the critical five-year mark. That’s not even one in one hundred. Even the majority of bariatric surgery patients who’ve had gastric by-pass or banding procedures gain some of their weight back over time. Your own experience and the statistics make it clear that what you’ve been taught about losing weight is the Impermanent Approach to Weight Loss.

You’ve been trained to approach yourself, your body, food, and weight in a profoundly ineffective way. But because fatness is associated with defectiveness in this culture, you may blame yourself when this profoundly ineffective approach doesn’t work for you. You assume you are the problem or are deficient in someway.

We’re going to shift that right away by debunking the assumptions or myths that form the foundation of the Impermanent Approach to Weight Loss. In these first lessons you will clearly see the water you’ve been swimming in and why you’ve been stuck for so long. It’s common to be so busy trying one diet after another that you never stop and say, “What the heck is going on here?” So that’s what we’re going to do now. I’m going to show you what’s really going on in such a way that you will be naturally ready to say bye-bye to the Impermanent Approach for good. Then no matter how many television commercials you see, how many friends, family members, doctors try to tempt you back to the Impermanent Approach – you can say, “No thanks. I’ve stepped off that crazy train for good. I’m now only investing my heart, time, energy, and money in what really works to reveal the love, truth, and beauty that I am.”

When you’re ready to take your next step, let’s debunk our first weight loss myth – the Myth of the Magic 2.


How do you feel about making a paradigm shift in your approach to losing weight?

What do you like about what you read in this post?

What do you dislike, doubt, fear, or feel resistant to?


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