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Losing It for the Last Time

rebecca's story Jul 18, 2011

It took longer than 10 months and had many ups and downs unlike the consistent, linear way I lost weight on the fast. But I wouldn’t trade the extra time for a quick fix because I now easily maintain my natural weight and never feel like I’m holding a beach ball under water. Having fulfilled my commitment and discovered the truth about my issues with food and weight, I am finally and truly free.

Every single day I feel grateful to be liberated from internal causes of suffering with emotional eating and excess weight.

Now with over 20 years of research and teaching experience on the exact process I (and hundreds of others) have used to lose weight for the last time, it is my honor to fulfill my second commitment and pass on to you everything you need to take your true shape. As you will soon experience for yourself, every permanent weight loss journey is really a love story. It tells us about losing and regaining the love, truth, and beauty we are.

But because the real story is hidden under tragic tales of losing our fight with the devil – forever trapped in the hell of losing and regaining the fat we most hate – it’s hard to find.

That’s why I’ve created the very website you are reading right now, to guide and support the unfolding of your last weight loss journey – your love story. Explore the posts to your heart’s content, and when you’re ready for me to walk you through each and every step you need to embody the love, truth, and beauty you are, I look forward to seeing you in the free eCourse or for a free consultation.

Many blessings on your journey.


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