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Taking My True Shape

rebecca's story Jul 27, 2011

Walking in beach sand at 300-pounds made me pant, sweat, and curse my excess flesh. But that is another lifetime now.

Over 20 years ago a miracle happened. After weighing over 300-pounds twice, I lost 150- pounds for the last time and became one of the one-half percent of people who lose more than 100-pounds and keep it off for more than five years without surgery.

Every single day I feel grateful for the freedom to do little things I was once unable to do – cross my legs, slip through turnstiles, spring up from the floor, fit in airplane seats, ride roller coasters, and stroll on the beach with ease.

Instead of shame, self-doubt, and failure, I now feel contentment, confidence, and celebration about my relationship with my body and food. I’ll never gain the weight back because who I am has changed.

The path of permanent weight loss is different than what you read in “People” magazine. It’s a great adventure of discovering the love, truth and beauty you truly are.

Here’s how it happened with me.


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