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Trouble with Food

rebecca's story Jul 26, 2011

My first memory of compulsive eating happened when I was about 7. My mom, my little brother, and I had just gotten home from grocery shopping. My brother and I were happily watching “Kimba the White Lion” on black and white TV with snacks while Mom put  away groceries and started dinner.

A short time later, I heard a gasp coming from the kitchen, “Becky!” Did you eat that whole box of Pizza Spins?!”

I remember the flush of shame filling my face along with my own shock at the truth of the matter.

The box was just about empty and I didn’t remember eating them.

What had just happened?


Exploration Exercise

What is your first memory of trouble with food?

What emotions arose?

How did you feel about yourself?

How did you make sense of it?


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